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Online Learning


Dr. Alex's Online classes were created out of a strong passion and a commitment to making learning Spanish easily accessible from anywhere in the world. These online classes provide the students with the opportunity to get an education from a Spanish-native speaker.
At the heart of everything, Dr. Alex is committed to help students succeed in learning a foreign language. Dr. Alex invites students to explore her classes designed for learners from all backgrounds and levels.  
These classes are for high school students and motivated junior high students willing to work at a high school level.  The two-semester class is equal to one high school credit. Dr. Alex also teaches adult classes.

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Who is Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex is originally from Colombia, S. A. and she came to the United States to study at West Virginia University. Alexandra has an undergraduate in Foreign Languages, a Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Doctoral degree in Education. Outside of teaching Spanish, she keeps busy teaching Zumba classes and running Amor for Kids, a nonprofit created to serve impoverished children in Latin America. She is also actively involved in assisting families who want to adopt children from Colombia. 

She is very excited about teaching Spanish online, which is her native language! The students will have lots of fun learning not only the language but also about the different Spanish speaking countries with their traditions, celebrations, foods and culture. 

Dr. Alex has five children and lives in Morgantown, W.V.  She homeschooled all her children who are either currently attending  or recently graduated from college.

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