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Spanish 3: Syllabus

Content may be subject to change due to pedagogical considerations.

Preliminary Unit: Review daily routines and comparisons.

Unit I: Talk about what you did with friends, family vacations and places using the preterite and imperfect.
Unit II: Talk about volunteer activities, expressing opinions using impersonal expressions and commands.
Unit III: Talk about obligations, predictions and technology using the future tense and present subjunctive.
Unit IV: Talk about wishes and desires and expressions of doubt and denial using the subjunctive.
Unit V: Talk about expressing what does and doesn't exit and what would or would not happen using subjunctive and conditional tense.
Unit VI: Talk about the neighborhood, excursions and expressing what will have happened using past perfect and future perfect.
Unit VII: Talk about past assumptions and emotions along with hypothesis using the imperfect subjunctive and "if" clauses.


The assignments for this class are divided into three weighted categories:


50%: Assessments (Tests and large projects)

30%: Quizzes (Quizzes and mini-projects)
20%: Daily Work (Homework and participation)

Grade scale: 

100 - 90     A

89 - 80       B

79 - 70       C

69 - 60       D

59 or less  F

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